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Initiated 252 countries petition campaign on funding anti-aging fundamental research


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Longevity & BioTech Visionary
Developed AntiCoronaVirus &

BMI Disease Tracker

Invented the real-time lifespan prediction technology

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At the beginning of May 2021, a group of scientists, longevity activists and biotechnologists took the initiative to send a petition to each of the 252 countries of the world in support of basic research to combat aging and early death.


The appeal contains a proposal for each country of the world to make a separate line in its state budget expenditures to finance research on aging and clinical trials on humans of the most promising developments related to longevity.


So far, petitions have been submitted to 20 countries in different official languages, with a brief description of the problems of each country related to longevity. In the near future, it is planned to submit another 232 petitions in more than 50 languages.


The goal is to collect at least 1000 votes in each country. With 252,000 votes, these petitions will be sent to the UN (United Nations) and WHO (World Health Organization) for further practical steps.


This initiative, with your help, can become one of the most ambitious humanitarian initiatives concerning every person living on Earth and our heirs.


For the past few days we have collected 200+ votes. Now we need your help. We invite you to read this petition, if you agree, sign it in one click and please share it in your social networks:


USA: http://chng.it/7WZbBvGzpk


UK: http://chng.it/TRC6TjVpyn


France: http://chng.it/X5LSQnwWpm


Brazil: http://chng.it/WRskvV6Syy


Portugal: http://chng.it/BhnDCPDDBr


Russia: http://chng.it/2zbnmvJPRC


Ukraine: http://chng.it/KhPLBbyWVn


Israel: http://chng.it/Cb2pvh26tx


Ireland: http://chng.it/hfT62Gx62Z


Finland: http://chng.it/DPkZjsJdjB


Maldives: http://chng.it/gvbQ95SdGn


Angola: http://chng.it/wpZZpdfwRf


East Timor: http://chng.it/F7QsL4XcrR


Cabo Verde: http://chng.it/ZdmjnLS9dS


Guinea Bissau: http://chng.it/CwrLgVpZC4


Mozambique: http://chng.it/7gQhYC5Qbw


Sao Tome and Principe: http://chng.it/rfQr2gycWS


Equatorial Guinea: http://chng.it/b8hVnky78w


Spain: http://chng.it/mgvr8rfC52


Mexico: http://chng.it/QVR8fgKkvN



If you are interested in participating in the signing of the document itself, please write us, providing one paragraph about yourself.


Thank you.


May the safety & longevity be with you!


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